Terms And Condition


At Peachy Scarf, we are committed to making your shopping experience easy and seamless. Please read our terms and conditions before making a purchase with us. Please ensure that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by and follow the terms and conditions below along with our privacy policy.

Make a purchase

At Peachy Scarf, we cannot cancel, change or combine orders placed separately and those already paid for. Please make sure the item, color, size, quantity and address are correct before you make the payment.

The rounding of numbers shown on the invoice (if any) is a decimal point reference resulting from some number rounding mechanism.


All payments made must be made to PeachyScarf.com. Payment transactions are not considered complete as long as all payment amounts are not received by us.

Prices and delivery rates are subject to change without notice but will not affect orders already received by us.


Once you have made payment for your order, we will send you an order receipt confirmation message via email and via other communication convenient for you.

After your order has been verified, you will receive your order within the following time depending on your shipping location:

Ordering and delivery process: 2 – 5 working days.

After your order is shipped, we will send the order tracking information containing the ‘tracking number’ to your email.

When an Order Confirmation is sent to your email or phone number, your product is under the responsibility of a third party (courier delivery service provider) and we are not responsible for the loss of your order if proof of delivery is provided. Any complaints should be made to a third party (courier delivery service provider) and we will assist your efforts to obtain compensation (if any).

Exchange/return of orders

All return orders must be made in a condition the goods are STILL IN GOOD CONDITION.

All returned items (including damaged items) that do not comply with the 2 rules above (1. & 2.) will not be processed by us.

The buyer must bear the cost of posting the items returned to us.

Please note that there may be differences in the color variance of items due to computer screen settings and studio lighting. Peachy Scarf displays all items as accurately as possible. Any return arrangements due to color variance differences will not be processed by us.

All returns of goods will be processed by the Returns Division and take up to 5 working days from the date of receipt of the goods you return.

PeachyScarf.com is not responsible for all PeachyScarf.com items sold by third parties.

All unclaimed items will be returned to us within 60 days after the notice has been sent to the buyer.

Use of the website

Peachy Scarf can display pictures, articles, information, digital images, text, data, games, censuses, contests, promotions, advertising, logos, copyrights and any form of content* that we feel is interesting for our customers and visitors. This content may be displayed, transferred, shared and stored by customers and visitors of our website. However, the ownership of all this content still belongs to PeachyScarf.com. By downloading or storing our content, it does not imply that customers or visitors own any rights to our content. PeachyScarf.com reserves the right to take legal action against any party who uses its content without permission.

PeachyScarf.com is owned by Peachy Scarf. (002866412-T) reserves the right to make changes to any of these terms and conditions.